by Best Witches

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Tracked live at The Owlery in Chicago, Illinois.

Tapes /100


released August 9, 2013

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Matthew Frank.



all rights reserved


Best Witches Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Margot's Song
I would go out tonight, but we’re stuck playing at the house. Shit, there's a glow stick, let’s check this thing out. Raleigh’s foaming at the mouth. I hope he is okay and lives to see the day, things just won’t be the same without you. No more running around, no more barking about all our favorite toys we can’t live without.
Track Name: I've Got An Idea, Man
Not like I would think (lines without clear ends) but how it could be if we were best friends, then I would tell you. I could tell you all my secrets and my stupid petty problems and if you were so inclined to, you could even help me solve them.
Track Name: Bird Riff
I said, “I feel it in my bones till all the birds come flying home leaving the sky with gaping holes, all tarred and feathered like our souls". This isn’t what I wanted, hunter becomes the hunted, all things left unconfronted, a century is lost.
Track Name: Warped
Windy city never looked so nice: one just chilling and one on ice, but this year Montrose froze twice. First as an image of a sky full of kites getting lifted. I thought it might be nice to go for a swim. I felt myself float into the madness, saw your hand so I reached out and grabbed it. My hand slipped out of your loose grip and I fell fast into a pool of glowing green shit, sorrowful sad sacks and some lost souls. It used to feel alright but now its miserable.
Track Name: Cubby
Hey, I found that tape where you said “if it makes you less sad” and it made me more, so I sent for clowns. They brought me a mirror and now it’s shattered all across the floor. Pick up the pieces put them in your mouth. No time for leaving, no time left to head south, so set sail, jump ship. I wanna leave this wreck behind because it’s sinking down. You can’t stay afloat in the wake, hold that breath that I couldn’t take.
Track Name: Glowing Green Tomahawk
Overcoming the obstacles like trying to acquire a popsicle from an ice cream man who’s clean out of ice and it happened twice before, so you went down to the store, said, “can you fill the truck?” but just before you showed up- they sold the last bag. And now you’re out of luck. Whats the point in laughing when no ones even made a joke? Whats the point in gasping when no ones there to watch you choke? It’s hard to keep talking with an axe in the side of your throat.