by Best Witches

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Written by Best Witches.
Recorded and mixed by Matthew Frank.
Mastered by Carl Saff.


released August 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Best Witches Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Orange Things
porch swings, orange things on west washington
skating over last spring, all the things I didn't mean but I still done
pardon my impatience, I'm just trying to have some fun

porch swings, orange things, the dead leaves in your front yard
the criss-cross patterns on my bedspread, laying down, sleeping it off
things got too hard

pumpkins, my pants, halloween hair and a flared out romance.
Track Name: Weaver
Alien, where'd you come from?
I'd pierce my skin if you would stick around and take a second look- see what you might have missed.
don't get to close to the sun
not the right season, no reason to run
life's a disease but the cure is inside everyone.

But if you go- I swear, I will meet you there. The sunlight in your hair turning it back into a natural blonde.
Track Name: Heat Moves
oh my god I'm feeling fine
only a year but it seemed just like a lifetime
take a nap, try to unwind
embrace the happy and your dreams will leave your troubles all behind
I swear it will be fine, but nightmares happen all the time.

now we're living in the city and always having such a blast
swelling seconds swirl around us
empty days go flying past

my life seems like an endless black hole that sucks up time
but at the same time it feels alright just getting by
so I guess I'm doing fine
Track Name: Labor Day
out in the white-cap pounding waves
try to remember the place
while orange juice and champagne swirled around in my stomach like a hurricane
and then the thick clouds came, letting the sun take a break for the holiday.

when I squinted I thought I could almost see the sparkle, when I opened them up it was gone.
Track Name: Me & Hawkins
passed out on a massive brig, woke up to a whispering kid
he's got a map and he knows where he ain't with a rusty old compass kinda charming and quaint and so we threw a mutiny steered it straight towards the sun, and we stole the cursed treasure- it was risky but fun.

it's a decade later and for years we've been lost
cursed treasure at a terrible cost and the whole ship sank, water murky and cold and my friend swam home but I was tired and old and so I
let go, water filling my lungs
until I heard a funny voice like someone speaking in tongues and then I
woke up water logged to the bone
a skeleton with no place to call home except the ocean floor
not such a bad place to live
and now I spend my days all searching for the skeleton kid

all that glitters is gold and dead men do tell tales, but they're all tired and old.
Track Name: Muffie
it's strange how our teeth would knock together and the sweat would stick to the straps sliding down your shoulders- I won't hold my breath.
Track Name: Wrinkles
these faces in the crowd;
wrinkles on a soft and dry, white cloud.
floating by talking loud
even when there's no one else around

until the rain comes down
drowning their voices out
ending the silence drought
the winds will huff and shout "hear me, hear me"
it and will all amount to another face in the clouds.

No one hears it.
Track Name: Muffie's Return
what happened, were you there?
I didn't catch it, we were shaking upstairs.
seems celebrations in the air, but whats a year if no one's keeping track or even really cares?

weren't you blue when I last saw you around?
heard your voice when you weren't making a sound.
and thats the way it will go down:
a hundred years of silence till we're dead underground
and it's all empty champagne showers, ancient half an hours
Track Name: Happy Guy
oh, roll me over. it's 11:02, you love house music and I don't like you.
oh, I can taste the normal and when I open my mouth it spews and all the people around me will carefully confuse it for the truth. they always do, just like you.